Unicode character glyphs & numeric entities in HTML 4.01

These pages display all of the characters that can be included in an HTML 4.01 document as a named entity. TODO: update for additional named entities in XHTML and HTML5.

ISO 8859-1 characters and HTML 4.01 named entities

The named character entities on these pages are based on the W3C’s actual SGML entity files. Every named character entity in HTML 4.01 is included. In order to test browser compliance, the first page also contains all 256 Latin 1 characters. The second page includes translation tables from Microsoft’s CP1252 (a superset of ISO Latin 1) to Unicode. For images of the various glyphs, consult the Unicode consortium tables.

Unicode characters in HTML 4.01

All Unicode characters may be included in an HTML 4.01 document by means of a numeric entity. In practice, most text documents written using non-ASCII letters are encoded directly as UTF-8 without using HTML entities, but web page authors occasionally use these entities to include a few characters not normally used in their language.

The following page allows you to request a range of Unicode characters, and view a table showing the character number, the numeric entity, the character itself if your browser can render it, and the Unicode consortium’s description of the character.

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