today’s dose of strangeness

If you know who Antonin Scalia is, you probably hate him. But the arch-conservative US supreme court judge recently took time off from trying to overturn Roe v. Wade to give a talk at Harvard in which he advocated orgies as a means to “ease social tensions”. Hmmm…. Someone at the talk later asked him “whether you have any gay friends, and, if not, whether you’d like to be my friend.” I’ve got to remember that line.

A total of sixty-two books were removed from school libraries in Texas, that bastion of literature and independent thought, over the past year, and restrictions were placed on an additional thirty-three. Titles included seminal Black novel The Colour Purple, an autobiography of a Jewish holocaust survivor, two books on sex-ed for children, and (in a particularly Orwellian touch) Nineteen Eighty-Four, presumably for too closely resembling current events. All this while I’m still mad at Stockwell Day for trying to ban Grapes of Wrath from schools in Alberta, yet another book which depicts an obscene and exploitative socioeconomic situation, and was therefore attacked by the forces of censorship on account of sex.

And speaking of Alberta, did you know that there are no rats there? No, really. None! And it’s all thanks to people like these. Who needs cute furry pets when you’ve got neighbours brandishing two by fours?