Are the moving boxes half full or half empty?

This week, Shannon and I did our duty as Quebecois — we moved, on or around July 1st, the same time as everybody else does. In theory ours didn’t sound like such a bad move; it was just the contents of one bedroom, being moved only a few blocks. There was a washer and dryer involved, but several friends helped out and the actual transportation part of the move went fine, although as always it took longer than expected. So far we’ve only needed to saw the legs off one piece of furniture to get it through a doorway (it should get by fine on the four which remain). It’ll be great when this is all over with. But that process is complicated by the fact that my old roommate isn’t moving out until next Wednesday, and that our couch space is booked solid, starting tomorrow, for the next two weeks, to a total of seven friends who will be travelling through town and need places to stay.

Oh, well. Maybe they’ll put our shelves together for us.