Bad news, good news

Well, this is a little unsettling. Not just the fact that a bridge near me fell, or that five people died as a result, but that no-one seems to know why, and that it had been inspected and approved just minutes before the collapse. I really hope someone figures that one out.

Today’s token good news story from my city: an 800 mom breast-in at a downtown mall, to raise awareness for world breastfeeding week. (My sister participated in this event in Kitchener, too. Go moms go!) I also like that the Gazette article featured the phrase “babies and boobies”; I hadn’t expected that.

Interestingly, I don’t know if I would have stopped to read that article a year ago. As a proud new uncle I’ve become much more observant of everything baby-related around me. And I’m glad at least one newspaper article made me smile today.