Cloned meat is good for you

Oh, great. Cloned animals are about to show up in supermarkets near you. Farm workers already have to wear hazmat suits to enter pig barns because the animals have been selectively overbred for so long that they have no functioning immune system; this is probably not going to help. The worst part is that, just like with GMOs, it looks like it will not only not be required to label products containing cloned meat, but it will not be legal to label other products as being free of cloned meat. As the National Farmer’s Union puts it, “If the product is absolutely the same as its equivalent but using a different system it’s not necessarily very useful to label it because it’s misleading to the consumer and it’s impossible to enforce.”

What’s “misleading” about letting consumers decide for themselves if a product is safe? How could this possibly be impossible to track or enforce? There’s no mandatory labelling of the source of nutritional supplements, but when all that pet food was tainted last year, it sure didn’t take long to track down which products were affected. The data is obviously available.

Anyways, no decision has been made yet on this issue in Canada, but it’s safe to say this is not exactly encouraging me to eat meat again.