I’ve recently noticed that several CBC shows which I like but that play at inconvenient times are available via podcasts. In particular, The Current is often good, and the daily 30-minute best-of is generally worth listening to. For example, for anyone who liked the documentary The Power of Nightmares, which was first recommended to me by Russell, allow me to suggest you listen to the excerpt from the 31 October episode “The Politics of Fear”. And if you haven’t seen that film, go watch that first! It’s the single best documentary I’ve seen in at least the past year, and I watch a lot of documentaries. Also, it can be downloaded for free (legally). Speaking of documentaries, Sh. & I attended a few screenings of the recent doc festival here, and our fave film was The Big Sellout. (It doesn’t have a North American distributor yet, though, so good luck finding it.)

Another CBC show I like is Outfront, a sort of “This Canadian Life”, but a little less slick, and more do-it-yourself. Anyone can send in a proposal for an episode, and if they like it they’ll help you produce it.