Home again, home again

For those of you following along at home, Shannon and I returned last week after our whirlwind tour of Eastern & Southern Africa. We spent several days getting over jet lag and catching up on our lives here (doing taxes, for example), and are starting to search for a place (Shannon’s lease is up July 1st, so we’ve decided to take the opportunity to move in together). We have something like 2000 photos to sort through (ah, digital photography) and will eventually put up some online, but it might take us a while. Just at the moment I’m not feeling inspired to type out entries from my travel journal in this space, but that might change. We’ll see.

For now, Shannon and I are both catching up with our jobs, and I’m busily preparing with my choir for an upcoming concert. I also spent last weekend with family in Ontario, some friends are coming from out of town for the weekend, we have friends to reconnect with here… we’ve been caught up again in life’s flow after our brief respite outside its current, and I’m sure it will feel normal soon. We’re looking forward to the summer, though. Spring has come to Montréal a little early, the parks are in bud, and the forsythia outside my window is in flower, which is a nice foretaste of the summer to come.