Hérouxville, again; Oh, those Яussians!

Since I complained about the town of Hérouxville the other day, it’s only fair to note that they’ve recently dropped a few items from their code of conduct — stoning women and female genital circumcision, aka female genital mutilation. The town says it’s not because a group of Muslim women from Montréal met with them to explain their culture, but I suspect that plus the worldwide media coverage and outrage had something to do with it. Notwithstanding all this, most Muslim Canadians are apparently happy to be here. I guess this country’s doing something right. Speaking of which, I’ve just read that Mohammed Mahjoub, who’s been imprisoned here without trial since June 2000 on allegations of terrorism, is to be released to house arrest. It’s about time… (He’s currently on day 84 of a hunger strike for improved jail conditions, and being denied access to a doctor. Good grief.)

In other news, if any of you have been wondering what price a fit young Russian army conscript is going for these days, the answer appears to be 1,000 roubles (about $44 CAD). Now you know!