I hope it doesn’t blow up while I sleep

The NDP now has a new web site, and I’m among the people who are to blame. It wasn’t my idea (major overhaul in the middle of a campaign? are you nuts!?) and the layout was done by the talented design team here, but plenty of the changes to the way menus hooked up to the correct parts of Drupal were left to me.

Lots of people I know are passionate about webpages, and love to go over them in detail to find code that doesn’t measure up to standards. I’ve even been accused of being one of them in the past. But this was one of those rush jobs, and we have other things to worry about now, I assure you. So I love you people, really, but I probably don’t want to hear it this time unless “normal” people would notice the problem too. Sorry. You’re free to send helpful comments to the other political parties, though.

That is all. It is high time I slept.