I keep putting off stopping my procrastination habit

I should be asleep, but I promised friends who work for a small NGO in Kitchener that I’d help them translate part of a 23 page business plan for a language school they’d like to start in El Salvador, and I put it off too long. I’m trying to use Babelfish (unforunately, not a real one) to speed things up, and it’s surprisingly useful, if I bother to remove spelling mistakes and slang, and try to delimit ambiguous phrases with commas, among other things. Still, it’ll be a long time before this process won’t require any post-processing by a human. (For example, it’s hard for software determine whether the author meant “free” as in “beer” or as in “speech” when translating from English into a language which uses different words for these ideas.) Is faster than just writing the damned paragraph by myself? Well, sometimes. It doesn’t help either that there’s business lingo in here I’ve never needed to know before. It reminds me of trying to translate university transcripts and professional resumes for refugee claimants at another small Kitchener NGO I volunteered for.

From Nikita: why earliest sunset ≠ shortest day.

Okay, time to get back to work on this thing.