I spent a lot of my youth in church

Hello Number One Son,

So I lost your recipe but bought a small dutch oven that withstands high heat. I looked up a recipe online, there are dozens of them. The bread turned our really hard and inedible. I used bread flour and organic dark beer, and sugar.

May I have your recipe again please, do you think halving the amount is the problem? I’m willing to experiment.

Your Father

Our Father who art in Guelph,
Hallo! How art thou.
Thy bread rise,
Thy dough knead
In thy kitchen as in done in ours. We
Give thee this day our daily bread recipe;
Bake it in a dutch oven,
As we bake ours in a dutch oven as well,
And eat thee not of WonderBread,
But deliver thyself from bad food,
For thine is the recipe,
The flour, and the yeast,
For ever and ever,
Bon appétit.