Into the whirlwind, again

As in 2006, the NDP has asked me to help work on their national campaign’s website, and I’ve agreed. I’ll be working there for two weeks, and I’ll try to blog about that experience here again despite working crazy long days, but as before just in case some enterprising blogger from another party stumbles across these pages and finds something to quote out of context, it’ll all be friends-only. If you’re reading this and I know you, leave a comment asking for access.

And with that, let the craziness begin! For example, just today, Vancouver MP Blair Wilson joined the Green Party! He won as a Liberal by a few hundred votes in a tight three-way race last time before being kicked out of caucus after his father-in-law accused him of financial impropriety, and is unlikely to be re-elected (if only because having spent the last two years fighting to get back in with the Liberals kinda ruins his credibility), but this does mean party leader Elizabeth May will get to attend the televised elections, which is a huge deal, and will certainly increase her party’s clout. This is basically bad for all the other parties, since Green supporters are generally drawn about equally from Liberals, Conservatives, and the NDP, and this will split the vote even further, always a problem in a FPTP voting system. I wonder if she can hold her own in the French debate? Probably not, if this was shot with her reading a cue card.