It could have been worse, but then, it could have been better

Last week, the week of my 32nd birthday, I learnt that:

  • my answering machine stopped answering (now replaced)
  • my computer stopped computing (the power supply and CPU fan blew up, taking with them the optical drive — now fixed)
  • my internet connection stopped connecting (but I’m attempting to switch to another provider)

It’s enough to make me long to be 31 again. I hope things improve.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot: my dryer stopped drying. But that seems to have been temporary.

Speaking of improvements, from the “geez, you mean it’s not already like that?” department: in Ontario, violating a restraining order may now become a crime. Currently, it just counts as ignoring a court order, and the victim (assuming they survive) has to go to court after each violation to ask for a penalty. Also, the proposed new rules would make it possible to get a restraining order against someone you’ve been in a relationship for fewer than three years. Finally, a “tough on crime” bill likely to actually reduce rates of violent crimes!

I’m making maoist orange cake, and was wondering: if our range has a temperature dial labelled “OVEN · FOUR”, where are the controls for the other three ovens? But Sh. says that’s not funny.