it’s alive!

the project i’ve been working on for my day job more or less full-time since late february has come to fruition. the seattle-based online environmental news magazine grist (motto: doom and gloom with a sense of humour) launched its new html templates over the long weekend. what you’re not seeing is a wickedly powerful editing engine behind the scenes, which replaced the ridiculously overworked staffer who had actually written each of the 5000 or so html files on the old site by hand. we still have some rough edges to fix but overall i’m really happy with it. plus the magazine is pretty well written – largely US-centric but the articles manage to be informative and/or entertaining fairly often.

my friend paul suggested to me once that i look for work which incorporated some elements of three things: work that one can get paid to do, work that one enjoys doing, and work that actually needs to be done (by benefiting society in some sense). i think this project has, at least at times, combined a bit of all three of those, and that makes me happy. it’s nice to work for a company that can make me feel that way.