Life goes on, despite my preoccupations

Shannon and I woke up to see four blossoms on the morning glories which festoon our back fence. We had yet another great crêpe breakfast, then biked to the north shore of the island to purchase a kilo of marzipan and another 2.5kg of chocolate from a baking supply shop to start work on the wedding cake we’re making for my brother & his fiancée, who will be wed just one month from tomorrow. Later, we (well, Shannon) finished painting all but one wall in the spare room, meaning we have just the kitchen to do, and we’ll be done! Life’s not so bad.

But despite all that, it’s hard not for me to be preoccupied with our landlord threatening to evict us. We’ve managed to defuse the situation to the point where the landlords have said everything will be fine if I give them information for a credit check, and the name of my last landlord in Ontario. This is fine, except that spending an afternoon trying to track him down, the best I can find out is that he seems to have skipped town after writing too many bad cheques. Oh well… I’ve sent them the name of the landlord before that, which will hopefully be fine. We’re still going to meet the lawyer from the legal aid clinic tomorrow night to make sure our asses are covered, though.

Really, I just want the hassle to be over. For example, we’re cat-sitting for a few months, but since our lease says “no pets” we smuggled our sweet kitty out under cover of night Monday to a friend of a friend’s place in Verdun until this has all blown over. (We found out that having pets is legal grounds to refuse to transfer a lease, but not to evict an establish tenant, so this is just temporary.)

Meh. I have better things to think about. Like that fact that my sister was due Monday and will be calling me at any moment now to announce that I’ve become an uncle. What could be worth worrying about that’s more important than that? That’s right, nothing at all.

* * * * *

Saw another Lebanese flag, larger this time, on a car parked around the corner. There are apparently something like 1.7 million Lebanese-Canadians in the Montréal area — I wonder how many of them will follow suit. And if my family lived in Beirut, would I put one up too?

I think I just might.

Edit: the Lebanese-Canadian population in Montréal is more like 100,000. I should have realized my figure above was far too high.