In case any of you happened to be wondering, my life’s not bad these days. However, as part of an ongoing project to cultivate hobbies which don’t involve my computer, I’ve been spending less time online these days, which means fewer entries in this journal, which is a little unfortunate. Not because I think I have a large audience hanging on my every word, of course, but because it’s nice to have a record of one’s thoughts after the fact, and getting the occasional feedback from you lot has proven to be a good way to encourage me to take the time to do so. I’ve also been realising the appeal of quickly written blog entries; while I’d clearly never hold up my scribblings here as paragons of wit and wisdom, I have perhaps aspired to lean slightly more to the well-composed essay end of the spectrum, and away from the live broadcast of random neural firings one sometimes sees. But that demands time. Perhaps I should reconsider.

So what have I been up to? I’ve been doing more with Sh., now that she’s no longer working night shifts (yay!). It’s been a few weeks now and she still can’t believe how much better she feels now that she has a regular sleep schedule. Besides getting out more, we’ve spent lots of time in the garden, including expanding the one in front of the house which was just a mess of roots and weeds when we got here. It looks quite nice, if I do say so myself, although clearly not in the same league as the impressively compact gardens the little old ladies of our neighbourhood have been tending for longer than we’ve been alive. Let’s see… we’ve also been making several plans to visit friends and family, and to receive others here. Oh, and we replaced the ugly old curtains in the spare room with new, pretty ones we made (it’s handy living next door to the fabric district). That was a fun project. We’re also almost finished constructing a picnic table in the back yard, which we’re really looking forward to. So far, a good summer.