Maple syrup, the tango, and us

Things I love about Québec include: maple syrup. The tin we opened to have with our breakfast had this helpful recipe written on the top: “Eggs. Boil 500 mL of syrup, crack open eggs, and drop in one at a time. Eat while hot. Taken from the book Sugar time and its cuisine.” Where else in the world would people poach eggs in maple syrup?

Things I love about Montréal include: music. Parisian post-tango stars The Gotan Project are in the middle of a six-month tour to promote their new album Lunático that includes only four concerts outside Europe: one in San Francisco, one in New York City, and two in Montréal. So, Shannon and I have tickets to see them tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Things I love about our apartment include: our small but endearing garden. This morning I surprised a quarrel1 of sparrows picking at plants gone to seed when I stepped out to collect the post. By the time I had grabbed my camera, they had fled, so I took a photo of our late blooming sunflower instead. Unfortunately for our sparrows, the odds of this plant successfully producing seeds before the frost are pretty much nil. I love that it’s trying anyway, though.

1 Apparently it’s also correct to call them a ubiquity of sparrows, but given that they didn’t stick around, it doesn’t seem as appropriate.