The issue having become a distraction, the NDP has changed its stance; Layton has just promised to show up to the debate as long as Harper is there. In other words, it’s fine with him if May attends. They still don’t think floor-crossing should be possible unless the MP has won a by-election under the banner of their new party, under which rules the Greens do not have a representative in the House. But the public, the NDP membership, and the current rules (to the extent that they’ve been defined) are in favour of it. So May can come play if Harper says she can, as far as the NDP’s concerned.

…I’ve just heard that Harper is spinning this as entirely the decision of the broadcasters’ consortium, which translates to, “okay, she can come, as long as you don’t call this a change of position”. So she’s in. Should be interesting.

In other news, May remains opposed to representation for the Marijuana Party and the Rhinoceros Party in the televised debates.