Mon bike est complètement fucké

My bike has been needing some repairs for a while now, mostly relating to it having survived four years of heavy use while having had few of the major components replaced. I had meant to take it into a shop last week, but didn’t get around to it. Then on Sunday, I figured it could probably survive another ride, so I headed north and then followed the shore of the island until I arrived at the large park which comprises its eastern tip. I think I rode somewhere between 55 and 60 km, which really isn’t all that far. I drank plenty of water but failed to properly take into account the fact that it was hot, humid, and sunny, and proceeded to start to feel the symptoms of mild head stroke about halfway into the return leg. I made it home in time for the barbeque here as planned, but was feeling horrible. I managed to stay conscious through dinner by drinking as much fluid as I could get down and excusing myself several times to go stand in a freezing cold shower, but it was really not a pleasant experience. Dinner, on the other hand, was very nice, however. I decided to head to the bike shop after my French class yesterday morning, but on my way there I went over a small bump and heard a nasty clunk, which turned out to be the sound of my frame cracking just above the rear axle. Oh well, I’d been thinking of buying a new ride anyways. I wonder if I can afford one like this

It was still way too hot yesterday, so my roommate skipped off work to spend the afternoon with Shannon, her roommate, and myself in Rawdon, a town in the Laurentians perhaps an hour’s drive north of here that features a beautiful waterfall and places for swimming. It was amazing how good the cool water felt in such heat. It finally broke when the rains began at around five this morning — it’s now around 18° and raining, which feels great. Hurray for changable weather!