News flash: Food not Bombs supports meat-free diets, Al-Qaeda

So Justyna tells me that Food not Bombs of Kitchener is being threatened again, this time by the owner of a shop called David’s Gourmet, who is the latest in a long line of people who think that the centre of downtown is not an appropriate place to offer services to poor people. David and his fellow business owners describe the group as supporting a vegan agenda of meat-free diets, an end to capitalism, an end to the war in Afghanistan, and Al-Qaeda’s global reign of terror. (No, really.) Obviously this is all about the visibility of the poor, and the efforts of Food not Bombs to remind the middle class that these still exist. As the group says, they are not the problem; the lack of an effective social safety net is. I hope they win this latest battle. And for those of you who live in K-W and feel likewise, maybe you could stop shopping at David’s Gourmet, and tell them why.

Incidentally, the first news article linked above (the bad one) was written by Luisa D’Amato, a.k.a. the nitwit who got rec.humor.funny censored at UofW back in 1988, and is apparently still at it today.