Not going home after all…

So after spending the day talking to various family on the phone, including a few who work in medicine, Shannon and I have reluctantly decided we shouldn’t travel over the holidays. Going over the x-rays we saw multiple breaks, meaning that I’ll likely need a pin implanted, and there’s no point in travelling to Ontario for a few days just to spend much of it in a hospital or recovering from surgery. As well, my leg will be in a fragile state until the permanent cast is put on in a few days, and the last thing I want now is to have it start to mend badly and need to be reset with a hammer on the operating table. So, I’m staying in bed (for the most part).

We’re going to ship the various gifts we’ve been working on for the past month by Via Rail so they’ll arrive during the holidays, but it’s still disappointing to not be able to otherwise participate in the holidays with our families, something we both look forward to every year. A few friends have promised to drop by, though, and we’ll make the best of it. But boy, is this shitty timing. Even if the accident had happened a week earlier I’d probably be able to travel.