Rotate this!

Another doctor’s appointment — today I found out that the injury to my shoulder is a bruised, and possibly torn, rotator cuff. A common injury related to falls, it only requires surgery in extreme cases; treatment usually consists of rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medication, and possibly physiotherapy. So I’m on those pills now for two weeks, after which I’ll see the doctor again to see how I’m doing. The pills will also take down the swelling in my leg, my main symptom right now, and I’m happy about that. It’s a relief to finally hear some sort of diagnosis for my shoulder, too. At any rate, other than not being able to leave the house much, I’m still doing alright.

Staying at home has been made easier by visits from various friends and family, too. Aylwin and Jiselle were here for a few days over New Year’s, which was a nice chill visit. They got out on the town a bit on their own, and also made it to a New Year’s Eve party with some of our Montréal friends. Other than that much of their visit was spent making elaborate dinners for ourselves, the odd movie or game, and just hanging out. It had been too long since I’ve see those folks, so the visit was definitely appreciated. Plus, they thoughtfully gave me a new bike helmet as a Christmas gift, and an LED light that attaches directly to it, so that I won’t be able to forget it at home next time. It was very sweet. Now we just have to get Shannon one, too…