Q: Didn’t you used to write more here?

A: Who’s got time for blogging, when they could be microblogging?

Yes, I’ve been using Twitter. No, I won’t be syndicating those posts here.

Let’s see, summer recap: after visiting BC, I spent May and June I was working too much, plus taking a summer course (intermediate macroeconomics at Concordia), all of which involved way more time than I bargained for. But I made up for it in July and August, taking several weekends to see family, go camping, go camping again, and otherwise enjoying the summer. Oh, and going for bike rides. Sh. and I rode the western perimeter of the island a few weeks ago, and plan to do the eastern perimeter next. The more we ride, the more we want to ride — last night we went out for a quick spin and ended up doing 40 km, including a stretch of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Fun, but there are even more bugs along the seaway wall at night than during the day.

Strangest discovery during our ride around the West Island: the town of Senneville (population 962, average income over $100k). A long stretch of the coast of the island has nothing on it but insanely large mansions. So weird.