the great housing hunt continues

for those who haven’t heard, i’m currently in the process of moving out of the kitchener-waterloo area and to montreal. i’m currently working out of a friend’s office by day (she had a computer to spare – hurrah for portable jobs!) and reading housing ads by evenings. it’s pretty exciting – i’ve lived in a few different cities temporarily from time to time but otherwise have basically been there since i was four. it’s a great town, really, but at some point change for its own sake is a fine thing. and of course, it helps to be seeing someone who lives here :) i’m leaving a lot of friends behind but hopefully this medium will help me keep in touch with a few of them, as well as make contacts with those people i know here.

for those who know the city, i’d ideally like to find something near the jean-talon market, which has the added benefit of being in the area where shannon lives. i’m looking for places to share since they start at about half the cost. wish me luck!