Well, that was fun

I got back yesterday from a very nice visit to Ontario. In keeping with a New Year’s resolution to do a better job of keeping in touch with old friends, I made an effort to meet up with as many people as I could, while still spending time with family. I passed a very nice week riding borrowed bicycles around Kitchener, Waterloo and Toronto with Google Maps print-offs in my pockets to find what my friends were up to these days. I heard dan’s choir’s performance of Spem in Alium (wow!), met the four month old first baby of a couple I know (so cute!), and tried the falafel at the new halal Lebanese place in Kitchener, on King, just south of city hall (it was very nice). I’m still trying to decide how to spend my remaining spare time this summer but it will definitely involve some more trips to visit people in and around K-W.

My sister and her partner have just moved from downtown Toronto to Kitchener, because she’s about to finish up at OISE and they could do with paying a third the rent, so I likely won’t be visiting that city as much now. Too bad — I think the rest of the family will miss their apartment even more than they will.