What to read? Where to go?

Travel reading

So Sh. and I leave in six days and have essentially no plans for our trip other than eventually meeting up with her relatives in the Netherlands, and perhaps mine in England if we get our act together, with a side trip to France for good measure while we’re at it. We figure with a guidebook per country we should be able to avoid ever making a firm plan more than 24 hours in advance. Sh. visited the Netherlands and Paris about six years ago, and I spent a few weeks in southern England when I was twelve, but other than that we haven’t had a chance to get to know Europe at all. Should be a fun two and a half weeks.

The guides are from the library (yes, we expect to narrow the selection somewhat before leaving), but the other books are from a rare trip to Chapter’s/Indigo; This is Your Brain on Music is a gift from my father and 1491: the Americas before Columbus was an impulse buy. I picked up the first because my father wanted me to read it while travelling, but since it’s a hardcover I think I’d rather not. And it seems wrong to be reading about the Americas while backpacking in Europe.

I probably won’t pack the Harper’s either.