A cornucopia of photos

I’ve recently been organizing some photos from the past few years, and posting them to flickr. To whet your appetite, here’s a picture of a wedding cake Sh. made for my brother’s wedding in August.

The layers were (from top to bottom):

  • vanilla cake with ganache filling
  • lemon-poppyseed cake with pineapple rum filling
  • carrot oil cake with pineapple cream cheese filling
  • chocolate devil’s food cake cockaigne with ganache filling

The icing was a dark chocolate ganache covered with elderberries, ground cherries, painted marzipan, and gold dust, plus trees and mushrooms made of painted marzipan, toothpicks, and cinnamon sticks. Believe it or not, it tasted even better than it looked.

We picked the recipes mostly from the Joy of Cooking, but realized when we got to Ontario that my mother’s edition was different than ours and didn’t have a carrot oil cake recipe. This is what we get for leaving home without it… After phoning various friends and relatives whose copies were all either too old or too new, I remembered that Daniel and dan have a sizable collection of copies of the Joy, and after a quick email to them we were set. So, thanks, guys.