Debate, débat

My doctor suggested weaning myself off political news by using the Patch method of lining my socks with newspapers, thus absorbing reduced amounts of platitudes via osmosis than I would by mainlining them via my eyeballs, but finally the sheer amount of spin was throwing me off balance and leading a dizzying lack of touch with reality. So, back to the debate videos for me, although I am at least trying to limit my intake by not watching them back to back with the Biden-Palin show.

Anyways, random thoughts…

It’s amusing that Duceppe’s English is better than Dion’s, but at least his ability to express himself in his second language is far better than May’s. I hadn’t thought I’d underestimated her but I must say she was even better in the debates than I’d expected. But still, when four people spend two hours attacking someone, it’s pretty easy to see that he’s the one on top.

Why didn’t Layton mention the 40-odd confidence votes the Liberals walked out on? Maybe he didn’t see a point since Dion wasn’t much of a presence. (Edit: oh, wait, he did later on.)

Ooh, Harper pulled out the Shouldice clinic slur! No-one spends more money than the Conservatives on polling voters and if they see Layton as worth going after it must be true. And even Duceppe took a shot at NDP; guess they’re doing well here.

Way to accuse Harper on cutting arts funding on an ideological basis without an example ready, Layton. Good thing you had May there to bail you out.

Silliest question in English: “are the Conservatives barbarians who hate the arts?” That’s even worse than the question in the French debate, “let’s hear you say something nice about the person on your left”.

Ooh, a call for proportional representation! If Harper wins a slim majority this time perhaps we’ll get to hear more about that.

It was interesting that there was more emphasis in French on the environment and culture, and more in English on the economy.

PS: is it just me, or does it send a chill down your spine that gun owners are widely opposed to queer rights? Although I suppose it’s mostly an urban-rural thing.