So close and yet so far

Nice try, Steve. I know you planned your election so that it would come before the economy tanked, since voters inevitably blame recessions on whoever’s in power at the time, but your timing was off. This collapse isn’t really even your fault; it’s those greedy idiots behind the U.S. housing bubble, but now you’re going to take the fall. Especially since Liberal gains mean your losses.

Waiting at an intersection while coming home late last week, I saw two young men standing on a street corner holding a bunch of signs for the local Conservative candidate and drinking from cans. I wondered to myself whether they were drinking Red Bull and putting signs up, or drinking beer and taking signs down. Then the light changed and they proceeded to stumble across the street, dropping a few signs in the process. So I had my answer. It’s kind of nice living in a city, like Vancouver and Toronto, where the Conservatives are so universally hated.

But really, having already voted, I have no excuse for continuing to read election coverage between now and Tuesday, and so it’s just as well that my band’s leaving tomorrow for a five-day tour of the U.S., during which I rather doubt I’ll hear much about the upcoming Canadian election.

P.S.: just read that the RCMP funds “research” to back their policy stances. Am I the only one who thinks those policy decisions (and research) should be left to others?

P.P.S.: also just read about Skype logging messages to search for “terrorism”. I’ve never trusted closed-source chat applications, and hopefully this becoming public will convince others not to either.