Fail: France to further impose state religion of secularism

Apparently not content with banning Muslim women who cover their head from receiving public education, France is now considering not allowing Muslim women who wear the full veil (whether the burka or the niqāb) to leave the house. Once again France has seen the need to protect religious women from themselves:

[President] Sarkozy’s leftwing urban policies secretary, herself a Muslim and former president of a women’s rights group, today gave her support to “a total ban” on the burka. “I am for the banning of this coffin which kills basic freedoms,” Fadela Amara told Le Parisien newspaper. “This debate has to clear the way to a law which protects women.”

Since of course this isn’t about racism and the failure of France to integrate newcomers into its society, I anticipate a ban on the wearing of crucifixes to follow shortly.