Meme: Help shut down a blogspot hate site!

The blog at marclepine dot blogspot dot com (which I’m deliberately not linking to, because I don’t want to increase its Google ranking) is a fan site for Marc Lépine, the man who killed 14 female engineering students in Montreal in 1989 because he hated feminists. Written under the name “Rick Flashman”, the site describes Lépine as a “folk hero” for “men’s rights”, talks about how his reaction was a reasonable response to the women’s movement, and states “I am with Mark Lepine. I want to kill the Western feminists. I really do. Every last one of them.” The author lives or has lived in Montreal, since he mentions having been at UQAM the day of the massacre, which to me makes this even more offensive.

I realize that this is just one of thousands of moronic blogs out there, and that if I wanted to fix everything that was wrong on the internet I’d never get anything else done. Still, this one really pisses me off. If you feel the same way, I would appreciate it you could take a moment to go to that site, click “Flag blog” at the top of the page, and report this to Google (who host the blog) as a terms of service violation for advocating hate and violence. I don’t know how their automated system works but I’m guessing a flood of reports will eventually result in human intervention on their part, getting the site pulled.

Thank you, and please spread the word.