I’m baaack!

My ride to Toronto worked out fine, and a short ride on the TTC later, I was at my sister and brother-in-law’s place in Cabbagetown. It was great to see them. We spent a few hours running errands, including a trip to Gerrard Street to buy Indian schwag, and being snuck into U of T’s Robarts library (famous for only allowing students & staff into their stacks). Afterwards we drove to Kitchener and attended a solstice party at Karin & Greg’s, where I got to see many friends from town. My family went home before me, and I stayed over another hour or two catching up. I walked back to my brother’s apartment to sleep and my feet crunched in the snow it was so cold (almost -29). It was a beautiful clear night.

To those who asked about my back, it’s fine now, thanks :) Every time this happens it’s just bad for a few days. I appreciate your concern, though!

I’m off to visit with my family more. To all of you in KW, I hope to see you soon!