Solstice caroling

The holidays are still going very well; my gifts are wrapped, and I’ve attended three holiday parties so far and so have been able to catch up with many friends. K-W being the small city it is, I’ve seen several people in the street or health food store, and caught up that way too. Not to mention all the time I’ve spent with my wonderful family… People keep asking if they can come visit me in Montreal, and I’ve told them all yes. Perhaps I’ll have to start asking them to book in advance :) At a solstice gathering at 89 Wm. last night, we made paper lanterns, and reminisced about a carol sing we did last year. Here are some of the songs we wrote:

Jingle Your Momma (sung to Jingle Bells)

buy buy buy buy buy buy
buy some freedom today
refuse to spend your time in malls,
don’t throw it all away, hey!

buy buy buy buy buy buy
buy some meaning today
this season is more than just a hallmark holiday

Dashing through the slush, in a mall parking lot,
building rage as we go, trying to find a spot
fighting over toys, line-ups last for miles
open up your heart and let out a big smile

buy buy buy buy buy buy
buy some quality today
go home and spend some time with friends and family, hey!

Not So Frosty (sung to Frosty the Snowman)

Frosty the snowperson brought a smile to everyone’s face
until the temperature started to rise and green grass took its place.

Frosty the snowperson had two eyes made out of coal
the same kind burned to generate power and undermine the earth’s soul

There needs to be some conscience in the government we elect
to think of alternative energy sources that people can select.

Splishity splash splash, splishity splash splash,
look at Frosty melt.
Splishity splash splash, splishity splash splash,
earlier and earilier each year!

Frosty the snowperson is a good lesson in climate change
if we don’t start taking action now next Christmas will look strange!

Hark (sung to Hark the Herald Angels Sing)

Hark our televisions say
buy some useless crap today

Little children sing and lay
in a cozy sweatshop today

Christmas comes but once a year
nimble fingers bring good cheer

Resources come from a distant land
fabricated in Japan

Shipped across the ocean blue
to a big box store near you

Buy local and feel good
by supporting your neighbourhood!