My family amuses me

The TV didn’t materialize, but I did manage to haul all my stuff home from Shannon’s brother’s. I am now in possession of the last of the things I left behind in KW with Julian & Sarah, including some books, my mortar & pestle, and perhaps a dozen CDs. I also brought back some xmas gifts, a collection of knitting needles my grandmother passed on to me when she moved into a nursing home last fall, some small paper kites from India, and my Rosie the Riveter action figure.

Had a long and overdue conversation with my sister, and she told me a funny story: she works with a small NGO that sends young Canadians to do volunteer work in a variety of developing countries, and was recently flown to Ottawa as their representative for a day of meetings hosted by CIDA with development agencies doing tsunami relief. She ended up arriving a few minutes late and missing the introductions, but got right into the debate and ended up telling off someone for not respecting aboriginal cultures in areas they were working, who turned out to be the head of Oxfam Canada! And then she got a job offer from them during a break. My sister’s great.