I can’t believe it’s not spring

So my computer’s working again, and now runs Debian 3.1 very nicely. It was determined that my previous motherboard was responsible for the = key not working (that’s what I get for paying someone in China 5¢/hr to assemble my computer parts, I guess). This version of Linux is pretty slick, and even comes with a much improved installer. I haven’t been watching many movies lately, in part for logistical reasons, so I picked up a cheap DVD drive while I was at the shop, and will be buying a cheap used televisionDVD & VCR monitor this afternoon from a classified ad.

In other news, Shannon is recovering from the cold I gave her and is well enough to make it to her brother’s in Hudson for the evening. This means I get to bring home all the Christmas schwag I asked him to drive back to Québec in the morning, including the enormous dutch oven I received as a gift. I was also looking forward to skating on the Ottawa river beside their house, but since it’s supposed to get up to 10° today that’s probably not a good idea. I also visited one of several cheese stores in the neighbourhood and picked up $17 of good parmesan to make risotto with Aylwin when he visits this weekend (although I only have enough rice to use about half of that). And now I’m about to bike into town to register for more (badly needed) French classes. All in all, a pretty good day.

Poll: art, or a load of rubbish?

(This public art installation in Berlin was accidentally thrown out as trash.)