Negative five months

I got my first look at Rebecca & Jindi’s kid today! I realize these pictures all look the same, but it’s still pretty exciting to me. I can’t wait to see this kid! That good ol’ biological imperative is still going strong deep down in my brainstem, apparently.

* * * * *

Our travel preparations are proceeding apace. The hard things on the list (malaria drugs, visas, health insurance) have been dealt with for a while now, and we’re down to the easy ones (do a last load of laundry, decide which socks to pack). We’ve both bought lots of stuff to bring in the past few months, from flashlights and better rain gear to sandals, not to mention my new camera. As someone who’s normally cheap to a fault it’s strange to be spending money so readily, but these are all things we’ve wanted to own for a while, so it makes sense to do it now.

I can’t believe I’m leaving on Sunday. It still feels pretty surreal. Exciting too, though.