On getting things done

Today hasn’t been particularly productive, but I did buy some goldfish. Also a used TV, but I need a coax/RF converter before it’s useful. At any rate it works better than the one I found in a snowbank last week. It will be nice to be able to rent movies but I think my roommate and I will end up watching the goldfish more.

The weekend was great, though. Shannon & I visited her family in Hudson again, and hiked across the frozen Ottawa River (known as la Lac de deux montagnes at that point, although I see neither a lake nor mountains there) to Oka, passing the ice bridge and fishing huts, and being passed by snowmobiles & several low-flying aircraft following the river valley. I skied across it later that evening, too, and we got in some skating as well.

Speaking of skating, I’ve invited my entire Remedial French class to join me on the ice at Parc Lafontaine, near the centre where we study, after class tomorrow. I love taking adult language classes; it keeps my brain awake and the people are interesting. My classmates are almost entirely recently immigrants from non-English speaking countries and yet they mostly speak at least passable English, which reminds me how lazy us anglophone Canadians generally are (or, conversely, how much privilege we enjoy to be able to choose to remain unilingual). …and on that note, it’s time to review some verb conjugations.