Stiff but not sore

Skating on Wednesday was fun, although only two of us went; myself and a Korean woman (whose name I won’t write here as I don’t know how to spell it). She had skated often as a child in Seoul, but told me that she hasn’t been in years since the average winter temperature has increased over the past few decades to the point that it’s no longer cold enough for an outdoor rink, which is rather disturbing. I also finally made it to my first yoga class here, which felt great, although my body was ridiculously stiff the next day. I hope to go once or twice a week, so that sort of thing should improve. Next up on the list of things I’ve been procrastinating about: get my larynx in shape for a choir audition, despite being slightly under the weather at the moment.

Hey, anyone have tips on how to keep one’s goldfish gruntled? Mine just pout at the bottom of their bowl and don’t eat much. Their water is clean and I’ve been feeding them as directed, but no luck. sigh