On the right to vote

To follow up on my rant of the other day, Dumont has announced he won’t support the PQ plan to create Quebec citizenship and disenfranchise anyone who’s French grammar isn’t up to snuff. I still can’t stand the guy, but I’m glad he’s going to pass on this one.

Meanwhile, the ‘should we be nice to immigrants’ hearings continue, and Quebec’s Muslim community — 0.7% of the population — continues to strike fear into the hearts of people who have never met them. Get a grip, people!

On the Federal level, Harper has yet to introduce his ‘no voting while Muslim wearing a headscarf’ bill, but let’s hope he thinks it through more thoroughly than his bill from July which stops people from voting without proper identification, since that one disenfranchised about a million rural voters, including NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay), who’s understandably a little upset. It’s not that I expected more from the guy who wants to start jailing people for up to a year without charges, force people to incriminate themselves when testifying, and not really reform that nasty law the Supreme Court threw out last winter which lets you deport someone to torture without showing them any evidence. But still. What a jerk.