Still making no sense

Not allowed to vote in Tunisia, Turkey, or QuébecCanada

Let me get this right, Harper: You’re going to forbid women wearing religious veils from voting in person, and this is necessary so that elections officials can positively ID the voter, but we’re still allowed to vote by mail from home by sending in copies of documentation that doesn’t include our photo? Hmmm, I can’t why you might do this, unless you’re trying to suck up to bigots, just like when this happened in Quebec.

Speaking of which, Chantal Hébert has weighed in on the Quebec citizenship bill I’ve been discussing here lately, and as usual has it right: “A poll this week showed that a bare majority of Quebec francophones support the citizenship proposal; Marois is now seen as a stauncher champion of Quebec identity than Mario Dumont, albeit by a narrow margin. But for how long and at what cost?”

Saw a fun flick tonight with Laura MacD. Some neat visuals, and all the Hungarian hiphop you can shake a stick at. Tomorrow: parade! fireworks!