Pie; Films; Models; On Camera

Today I started working for pie. I’ve volunteered to help with a website for the nonprofit runaway youth shelter Sh. works for, in return for occasional frozen pastries, of which they have a surplus thanks to the generous donations of a local bakery. Needless to say, my geek friends are all jealous. They merely work for media of exchange which can later be transformed into pie, but I get it delivered!

Another reason I love Montréal: I’ve belatedly learnt that Concordia, in keeping with its reputation as one of Canada’s mostly politically engaged campuses, runs weekly documentary screenings (in fact, Maclean’s listed the series as one of the top reasons for students to attend Concordia). Last night, I saw two films on trans/intersex issues, which were quite well done (and the trans friend I went with liked them too).

In honour of NYC mayor Bloomberg’s visit to London and announcement that UK-style CCTV surveillance is inevitable for residents of large cities, I bring you this study showing that camera density and rate of crimes solved are arguably unrelated.

Yet another reason I love Montréal: following the example of some European cities, models with low BMIs will be barred from the city’s Fashion Week, along with all models under 16. I believe this is the first restriction of its kind in North America, so hurrah for healthy body image role models. A friend of a friend died of anorexia a few months back, so I’m quite happy about this, despite my own BMI (currently the highest it’s ever been) being just under 18, meaning no catwalk for me either.

Clearly, I need to eat more pie.