Not gay, but plays one on TV

Now here’s a plausible excuse: Vatican official Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, caught on hidden camera coming on to a young man in his office and telling him that gay sex is not a sin, explains that he isn’t gay — he was merely pretending to be in order to better understand and counsel troubled gay youth. This one is pretty far fetched, but at least it’s less offensive than “he was black, so it was that or get jumped”, probably the worst ever excuse I’ve heard from someone caught with their pants down.

* * * * *

Got the Harper’s with my letter in it. I should do that again someday.

* * * * *

Sh.‘s away for the weekend helping with yet more wedding preparations, this time for our friends S&J in Kitchener who’ll be married next month. I had thought of a few ways to spend the weekend, but then decided to catch a cold before I could do any of them. Sh. had kindly left several oranges and a big pot of lentil soup behind, so all I had to do was nap on the couch and listen to radio shows. I did manage to leave the house (decked out in multiple sweaters) to see a few friends, and by today I felt recovered enough to finally get some canning done (and about time, since the frost can’t be far away). I’ve spent this afternoon chopping, stewing, sterilizing, and boiling a bushel of tomatoes, which my reference guide and my notes say should yield about 20 litres of preserves. Not bad for $10 at the farmer’s market and an afternoon of work.