Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Oh, lovely. The people who brought you the Left Behind series of novels and movies are about to release their first video game. You play a character who roams Manhattan either converting or slaughtering the heathens; which you’d rather do is up to you. There are penalties for accidentally offing good guys, but if you just stop to pray for a moment your sins will be forgiven and you can go back to killing in the name of the Lord … which is to say, they’re basically true to the books. (You may not have read them, but lots of people have — their authors are ranked as’s ninth best selling authors. Not counting spin off series and graphic novels, they’re at about 65 million copies in print, as compared to 80 million for the Harry Potter books.)

Edit: Oops, that figure was for copies of the Harry Potter books sold in the US. Worldwide sales are closer to 300 million.

In other news, the Canadian army has apparently decided that its detainees in Afghanistan aren’t covered by the Geneva convention. And we all know where that line of reasoning leads…