Still Xmasing

Sh. and I are still in KW for a few more days; we return to Montreal on January 1st. This will allow us to attend a New Year’s party at S+J’s, who are out of town for the week but graciously left us a key so that we could stay here instead of doing the tour of relatives’ spare beds and couches. The main plan for the time between New Year’s and now, alas, is recovering from the nasty two-day flu Sh. picked up, and which I may be about to get. My fingers are crossed but I’ll likely start in on the cold fx soon regardless. This down time will also allow us to finish digesting food consumed during this year’s annual turkey marathon; we had five (five!) turkey dinners to attend this week, or in my case, potato and stuffing dinners. Sh. missed the last of those due to the aforementioned flu but I brought her leftovers so she’ll be able to do her part in the turkey slaughter later on today. Fortunately, this isn’t a stomach flu.

Best wishes for the holidays and the new year, y’all. And now I’m off to make more herbal tea.