Recipe for a winter’s night

Got back late last night from our holiday, which as I mentioned a few days ago was among the more relaxed we’ve had, for which we’re grateful. Renting our own car for the week definitely made life simpler, although people kept asking if we had driven from Montreal. But there were two major snowstorms here the week before we left, totalling over 50 cm of snow, much of which was still in evidence as our bus pulled out of the city. Then, another 15 cm fell the day we travelled home. Besides being cheaper, there are clearly advantages to taking the bus. To follow up with the health notes from my earlier post, I’ve ended up coming down with what is so far a mild cold, but Sh.’s flu was replaced by a full-blown cold, so it’s nice to be home. Now we just have to clean up the last minute gift making mess we left behind.

Happy 2008, all. To start your year off right, here’s a quick recipe for you. A café in town, Juliette et chocolat, is justly famous for their large selection of creamy hot chocolate. But you can make pretty much the same thing at home! Here are instructions from a friend from my choir:

Melt 200 g (7.5 oz) chocolate in 100 mL (4 oz) water over medium heat. Add ⅔ L (2¾ cups) of 3.25% milk. Bring to a boil and simmer for two minutes while stirring. Set aside in refrigerator overnight, and reheat before serving. The hot chocolate will be thick and creamy unless you skimped and used milk with 2% fat or less. May be whipped to a foamy texture if desired. Keeps about three days in the fridge.