Too much music!

The concert last night was as magical as I had expected. I discovered to my surprise that it was part of a New Music festival here, which is almost over. I just can’t keep up with this city! Among other things, I missed a performance by the Hilliard Ensemble (they also gave a master class). There’s one performance tonight I might try to see, which features excerpts of an opera Alexina Louie composed in 2002.

I’ve also just found out that I’m about to be invaded by family members; Rebecca and her husband Jindi are driving to Halifax to visit friends and will stop by on the way there and back, and my mother is coming, probably on Sunday, for a few days. My brother Andrew and his partner Mandy were going to come during her reading week too, but instead they went camping in Algonquin. (It was -30°C at night and they were in a tent. They tell me they had fun but I can’t say I wish I’d been there.) Andrew and Rebecca have just decided to spend most of April in India with Jindi attending his brother’s wedding, so I’d like to travel home for Easter to see them off.

I wish I could go to India again with them. While listening to the gamelan I felt a strong urge to travel. Let’s see what comes of it.