Well, we’re off

Have a fun few weeks, everyone. See you when we get back from Europe.

I’d be more specific about our plans, if we had any, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out. We’ve probably crossed England off our list since we just realized that the affordable ferry we had planned to take was recently put out of business by competition from cheap shorthaul flights, which means more time in France than we’d first thought, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. Well, except that it’s too bad we won’t get to see my family there. We’ll have to plan better next time. (We might still have taken the planet-destroying worst airline ever1 but after you include hidden fees, taxes, and train fare out to the airport it uses north of London it’s far less of a deal than it first appears. Also, they tend to fly at crazy times and we couldn’t figure out an itinerary that didn’t involve sleeping in the airport.)

1 Okay, worst in number of greatest inconvenience to the greatest number of people. I’ve heard some really shocking stories from people who’ve flown Tajik Air, for example. And I don’t just mean tripping over someone’s box of chickens in the aisle…