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About Us
About Us

Once upon a time, there were two sisters in Florida who thought that protests were too boring.  So one day, they thought up some cheers and went out and made noise! Now there are Radical Cheerleading groups all across North America.  The Victoria chapter has been active and growing since 1999.

Hell, no... we won't
Hell, no... we won't
Hell, no... we won't
Go there with those tired old chants
My activism's more like a rant;
A rant of rage and resistance
Why the hell are you
Looking at me,
Your freedom isn't free,
What the fuck,
Get off YOUR butt,
YOU TOO could be a cheerleader
YOU TOO should be a cheerleader
Born to be a cheerleader,
Yeah yeah!!

In March, 2001, Radical Cheerleaders from all over North America converged on Ottawa for the first ever Radical Cheerleading Convention.  (After this, Radical Cheerleaders will take over the world, eliminating patriarchy, capitalism, inequality and poverty, and we will all live happily ever after.)

Radical Cheerleading is protest and performance!  It is activism with pom-poms and combat boots!  It is non-violent direct action in the form of street theater.  And it's FUN!

To be a Radical Cheerleader, you do not need to be an actor, a singer or a dancer - you just have to want to yell!  (Sign Language included).  Each Radical Cheerleader decides for themselves which events they will participate in.  There is no more commitment than each member is willing to give. Most of us wear skirts, boots and hooded sweatshirts, but there's no uniform - you can wear what you want. No restrictions, just bring your fantastic self! There's no tryouts or popularity contests (sorry).  If you're in the Victoria, BC area and you want to join us (and we KNOW you do), get in contact. If you live somewhere else, try checking out the links page for information about a squad in your city-- or start your own!