Computers suck, in case you hadn’t noticed. My box blew up while I was away (the power supply burnt out), and when I replaced it, the motherboard & CPU, along with the new power supply, decided to join their lost comrade in the great electronics junkheap in the sky. After getting all of that replaced nothing worked, because /proc/bus was empty. I eventually upgraded from Debian 3.0 to 3.1 to get kernel 2.4.27, which was able to find about half the PCI bus, although I’m still having problems with the onboard NIC & soundcard.

But it gets better. When I press the = key, I instead get the character x. I can’t believe there’s a wiring problem on the motherboard somewhere, but I’ve tried different keyboards and various kernels, ranging from 2.2.something through this one, and booted DOS off a floppy, and no change. This motherboard is just broken. Back to the computer shop for me… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx