Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I arrived back in Quebec on the weekend, after a whirlwind spate of visiting friends and family. I left K-W sooner than I’d planned, largely because I had spent my last few days there sitting at my dad’s home nursing a cold. Being sick was a good mental break, really, and nicely allowed the introvert in me to recuperate as I cancelled on a couple people I hadn’t seen yet and just read my book instead (which was very interesting, btw). I then went to Ottawa to spend New Year’s Eve with Shannon, Sarah & Julian, which also consisted almost entirely of pleasantly drinking tea & napping on Julian’s mom’s couch (they were very gracious hosts). I still wanted to be sick in the comfort of my own home, though, so we came back to Montreal, where Shannon plied me with lentil soup and hot water bottles and I chipped two week’s worth of ice off my bike so I could ride it again.

Last night I phoned Dan to tell him I was sorry to have missed his annual New Year’s party (for the first time in six years). To my surprise, I also got to talk to Nikita, currently visiting from California, and Russell, who’s back from his own visit to California but is moving to Holland on Monday. This morning, I called another friend on my list of people who I had wanted to see in K-W, but didn’t. It was nice to catch up with all of the above, but it really made me feel like I should have stayed in Ontario longer and seen them in person. Telephones just aren’t the same. And I’m still sick anyways, so it’s not like coming back here fixed that :)

Oh, well. I guess putting more work into seeing friends will be this year’s resolution. To everyone I saw briefly or not at all over the holidays, I’ve been missing you, and I promise to travel and visit you more often (and of course you’re always welcome to visit here too). You’re all very important to me, even if it’s been a while. After all, one can never have too many friends, especially old friends. So hugs to you all :)